Written by Tim "Naexos" Nordstedt

And why haven´t I seen this movie before? I mean just look at the cast, Melinda Clarke as a sexy alienhybrid vixen with a long, murderous tongue, now just that sparks my interest in a majour way but it doesn´t end there, we also have Robert Englund as the sadistic prisonguard Chief Screw, Doug Bradley as a wigwearing prisoner and ..well, ok Jonathan Rhys Meyers Probably want to forget about his participation in this movie.

Everything starts calm but in a few seconds it sets off in a Tarantinoish style with a slapstick add and then the whole things blows up like a pináta filled with wtf-confetti, I wasn´t ready for that, nuns, pastellcoloured poodles, a loudmouth guy giving bloving blowjob to a petrolhose and my memory didn´t really catch up but it was great in a weird chaotic way even though I couldn´t  a grasp the most of it.

I had to rewind a few chapters and watch it over again, then everything made sense, Melinda Clarke plays Candy who is on the run from two thugs that got screwed over by her and her boyfriend Johnny after a heist. Being hiding as a nun in 4 years she now sets off to free her boyfriend who took the rap for the crime and now gets a daily fistfull of fuck you´s by Chief Screw and yes Robert Englund does a fantastic job as always!

Our heroine manage to find a wear down old place named Porkys which she quickly cleans up and then makes herself some dinner, meanwhile a comet smashes down on earth and a fragment of it lands in Candys soup,  the spaceminestrone turns her into a tight latexclad, curlyhaired semi-alien with a tongue that want´s blood, it also turns the poodles to dragqueens, yes dragqueens!
And while the dragqueens are loyal to their mistress and wants her to feed on the victims they bring home, Candy is not so pleased with the idea and does everything to sever the tongue from her body.

And that is pretty much the beginning of this cheery madness, the closest thing I can come to describe this movie is if John Waters made a collaboration with Frank Henenlotter and if you are a fan of both, this is a must!

Killer Tongue is a nimwitted, airheaded, crazy ride where you get pastellcolours, blood and nuthead characters thrown at you without any safetysigns, just open your mind and your eyes and go with it cause you are going to have a hell of a time enjoying this rollercoaster.

For some reason it seems to be an impossible task  to find Killer Tongue on dvd, I have no problem finding it on VHS but I want it on DVD so I had to settle for a threeway split with Ice Cream Man and Jack Frost 2, I really hate split DVDs but it´s better than nothing and especially when it comes to this movie.

One of the furthermore funny things about this movie is how it´s rated "Rated R for strong bizarre sexuality and violence, and for pervasive language" I didn´t find any strong bizarre sexuality but maybe my views on that subject are way too high. I still don´t get how this one could avoid my weirdness-radar for so long, on the other hand it´s better late than never.