Written by: Greigh Johanson

This is director Tor Fruergaard's debut film and in some bizarre way you'll clearly notice that it comes from Denmark. If you combine Mette Heeno's vulgar humor from the animated film "Terkel in Trouble" with Peter Jackson's dizzying puppet-flick "Meet the Feebles" and mix this spectacle with man-eating zombies, then you've suddenly got a clear understanding of how the film reveals itself.

From here we meet a clumsy little geek name Virgil. His father is the village bully, and together with Eddie and Hank, they make fun of poor Virgil. Behind the story we hear about "The Dark Butcher", a legend that claims to have killed all the Indians with a bewildering large chainsaw, paired with a gun. The Indian-tribe donesn't tolerate it and is now out for revenge. The city's governor cast a curse on an Indian cemetery, which raises the dead to life. These zombies come to the saloon where Virgil and his father are, and now it's about a continuing struggle that will lead to a complete bloodbath.

Since this little bastard has been out of print for several years, I finally found it in a short film collection called "Ultimate Zombie Feast Vol.1". In true joy I found myself once again in a nostalgic trip and laughed out loud at this ridiculous parody. The marionettes in this film are grotesque caricatures with prominent eyes, with exaggerated features and realistic human teeth sitting in unrealistic mouths. They look so disgusting, just like zombies and out of human nature, they look like mutants. In some childish way, I love puppets on film and when they throw in a handful spot of comedy, handmade characters and gallons of blood, I can't say no. It Came From the West has all this and is a perfect little short film, even if I had wanted it to be a feature film.

This type of filmmaking is truely rare which I think is a shame. So take this film with some degree of respect and remember: - Had I done it better myself? The film works because it's conceived with a well-written script and well-made dolls. They truly believe in the characters they have created and it's very entertaining to watch when Virgil fights the undead.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Directed by: Tor Fruergaard
Written by: Tor Fruergaard, Sissel Dalsgaard Thomsen
Produced by: Søren Fleng
Cinematography by: Søren Hiorth
Editing by: Aleksander Hørup
Special Effects by: Jesper Fleng
Music by: ?
Cast: Tor Fruergaard, Niels-Peter Henriksen, Kim Jeppesen, Carsten Reinholdt, Dan Russell, Jesper Soelberg
Year: 2007
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish
Color: Color
Runtime: 16min

Distributor: Happy FlyFish