Written by: Tim Nordstedt.

Hate Crime is written and produced by James Cullen Bressack who despite his young age of 22 have achieved more than the most people will during their lifetime, now I know that sounds like a cliché and quite frankly it is one, but since 2004 he have written, produced, directed and acted in multiple short and fullength movies. Even though his works have efficiently been spread around the world Hate Crime is the first movie I came across, but probably not the last one.

A recently moved in Jewish family is having a nice, peaceful dinner one evening and celebrating their youngest sons birthday but all of the sudden someone is knocking on the door and three masked neo- nazi members breaks in from nowhere, being jacked up on meth they start to terrorize the family both physical and psychologically.

To my despair and dissapointment the first thing I noticed about this movie is that it´s going to be a found footage, handcam shot movie, their father started to annoy everyone (that probably includes the viewer too) by running around and taping everything, then when the nazis finds the videocamera, the movie goes on from there in the same style but in another direction. That part could be tolerable if I was able to take this movie serious, now that is where the movie slowly dissolutes into a charicature of the message it´s suppose to have, a couple of scenes may spark some effect but it was far from enough.

I know that Hate Crime isn't written like a gory torture-porn and I didn´t take it as such, I knew exactly what it was before I decided to watch it but as a whole it still became a flat performance of what I hoped for. When it comes to the home invasion horror movies I usually have a big issue, the characters are always slow and hopeless and can´t seem to do anything right which in the long run just make me apathic to the situation that they are in, I mean surely someone should be able to defend themselves. Another problem is that the most of the movies are pointless, they don´t deliver anything unless you´re completely paranoid of everything and my problem is probably that I can´t relate to those kind of things.

And Hate Crime? I can't take it serious in any way, it had potential and I really had some hopes for it and thats why I wanted to see it in the first place, but it wasn´t the camera work that bugged me the most although I have filmed musicvideos and live appearance with an iphone that´s superiour to this , most of the acting couldn´t be taken serious either wich made me care less and less about the situation, and the antagonist where just over the top, the lowest, most retarded form of nazi cretins are dispalyed here and I think that they were purposly portrayed as such but it became more of a bad satire when they acted like clowns and I found myself in an embarrased facepalm position more than once and tried desperately to endure through the whole movie, and sometimes even to the point that I wanted to scream at them in sheer frustation of how dumb everyone acts, moviewise not in character, if they infused that form of emotions in me just from the story then it would have been more than successfull in my eyes.

The way the humiliation and torture goes, it really doesn´t work, a couple of them yes but everything still lacks the realistic feeling that it should have to serve a powerful punch, everything was delivered in such an amateurish fashion, even how they bound their victims, that is not working in real life, they would have scattered and alarmed the police department in five seconds.

As usual I checked around on the net for background info and trivia regarding the movie I was about to review and the role of the big muscular nazi named Three had been offered to a couple of actors including the MMA star Tito Ortiz who declined, the role went to the former rugbyplayer Ian Robertson who came out as a homosexual in 95, well he did a good job terrorizing the women in this one but I still couldn't take any of them in a serious way. The beatings and the torture didn't place any effect, some of the actors did get slapped for real but it's nothing that chocks you, the FX wasn't that much too be exalted over either and still it wasn´t that much off it.

The most people seems to raise this movie as a shocking masterpiece mainly because of it´s content, being neo-nazis torturing a jewish family, now don´t get me wrong, I know most people are thick in the head and likes to accuse other people for this and that and feel righteous about their pitiful actions but does it really matter? really? it´s victims, it´s perpetrators, it doesn´t matter, they are still going to get tortured and statistically and in majority of the these kind of tragedies in the real world people don´t need an ulterior motiv like religion, skincolour or whatever to torture and kill people so I don´t think that all too many people are going to be cautious and scared that some shaved, swastika tattooed hooligans will break in to their home anytime soon after seeing this movie, the most serialkillers and psychos do their best to integrate with society and attacks during the perfect time, so now you have something to be paranoid about.

Personally I felt that this movie if anything diminished and ridiculed the people that have been victims of hate crimes even though it had no intention of doing so, and the viewers that praised this one because of the nature of it's violators and victims minimizes the pain of the millions of people that got abused for no reason by people who just want to hurt people for their personal fun, it´s still equally as important!

If you really want what Hate Crime tried to depict then just watch documentaries about Aryan brotherhood, the skinhead gangs in America or even worse the Skinheads in Russia and their posted internetvideos, that is reality, that is hatecrime and more disturbing and true than anything this movie could possibly reflect.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Directed by: James Cullen Bressack
Written by: James Cullen Bressack and Jarret Cohen
Produced by: James Cullen Bressack and Jarret Cohen
Cinematography by: James Cullen Bressack
Editing by: James Cullen Bressack
Special Effects by: Michelle Connolly, Ashley Hooker, Katie Middleton
Music by: Ian Hawthorne
Cast: Jody Barton, Nicholas Adam Clark, Greg Depetro, Debbie Diesel,
Tim Moran, Ian Roberts, Sloane Morgan Siegel, Maggie Wagner

Year: 2012
Country: USA
Language: English 
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 13min

Distributor: Psykik Junky Pictures/ Unearthed Films