Artist: Goatmoon
Album: Voitto Tai Valhalla

Year: 2014
Genrer: Black Metal, Folk Metal,
Run time: 45 minutes
My rating: 4 out of 5

In this time whereas king Bore have brought this season and strongly marks his presence with glistening flakes and up here in the most ultimate of the Thule, the farthest desolate northern part of Sweden he have covered the whole landscape in hazardous ice and thick white snow on top of it, these are the times where I feel the need to grow facialhair and run around in the forest with True frosty second wave grim black metal in the earphones, and ofcourse I´m wearing my thickest underwear so that I don´t have to deal with gangrene in that area.

Since the birth of the Goatmoon the sole founder and member Blackgoat Gravedesecrator have revived the spirits of the olden time in the back metal scene, musical and even brought back the controversy and warningsigns that once were patches worn proudly and carelessly in the scene once.

With the debut album Death Before Dishonour 2004  Blackgoat flexed his middle finger as hard as he could to the modern world and delivered raw, noisy low fi simple black metal with punky undertones but since those ten years has passed alot of things has happened,  sophmore album Finnish Steel Storm had a more clean black metal sound and with a clearer production, in Varjot the melodies and folkinfluences became more coherrent and the fourth full-length Tahdon Riemuvoitto took me completely by surprise, four of the songs consists of instrumental folkmusic where the guest/session member Skratt contributes strongly with tin whistle, jew´s harp and flute accompanied by an acoustic guitar, those four songs are added by three black metal tracks that completely destroys the peace in the middle of everything.

The latest effort Voitto tal Valhalla shows a new side mixed with the old works, the Goatmoon spirit is still strong with this one and those who likes the earlier releases will not have anything to complain about here. Many tracks off this album seem to have their own personality, every song have ther own little influence but it melts together and you can hardly notice them while listening to this album.

The intro with the innovative name Intro sort of chocked me, it´s more of an old fashioned dark ambient, industrial thing, it has almost a little bit of Neptune Towers or old Mortiis over it, then the title track boast up it´s tune and the production is clearer than ever and her we have Blackgoat showing his inner heavy metal soul with and the combination really goes hand in hand and Stormheit fills in with his special mark of clean vocals, in part II the appearance of folkmusic instruments grows stronger and in the fourth track Desecration the punkspirit shows it´s spikes, the next song Way of the Holocaust Winds will win over any fan of Burzums Filosofem, I would go as far as to say that not even Varg himself is able to sound as olden Burzumish as Goatmoon managed to do with this song, in Vääräoppisen Tuhovärssy the clean vocals take a big part and for the better, it´s manly and very finnish even though the song is one of the calmer ones on Voitto Tai Valhalla and it goes on like that, every track has it´s little thing that makes this album stick out more and more every time you listen to it.

Even though it may sound like Blackgoat and his guest/session musicians have made a hell of a split up record everything stay true to it´s root, and amazingly enough nothing comes out like something that feels so divert that it destroys the concept, I would even say that Goatmoon really succeeded to surpass the forerunners this time and in a more solid and still varied way.

Late last year Goatmoon released a new album and I completely missed it, I noticed the release of Voitto Tai Valhalla last week and if I had seen it earlier it would have entered my top 10 of 2014 releases.


Band members:
BlackGoat - Vocals, Guitars
Skratt - Jew's harp, Tin whistle, Flute
Devamitra - Lyrics
Demonos - Vocals
Zachariaz - Lyrics, Hurdy gurdy, Synthesizer
Stormheit - Bass, Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
Hammerer - Guitars
Raakalainen - Guitars
Goyath - Drums

Label: Werewolf Records
Country: Finland

Bandcamp: https://werewolfrecords.bandcamp.com/music
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/goatmoon.official