GERM - WISH (2012)

Written by Greigh Johanson

Have you ever heard of the subgenre "Cosmic Trance Black Metal"? Neither have I until I studied the former Australian band Austure. This is probably among the best band in Trance genre I've ever heard. I haven't come to this account since Alex Berserkers guitar improvisation to Infected Mushroom's "Heavyweight". Mixing Trance with some kind of Cosmic Rock and Black Metal was something completely new to me, so I had to give this album a review.

Germ was founded by artist Tim Yatras (Austere, Woods of Desolation, Nazxul, etc.) around 2003 in Austria and is an Electronic Rock / Black Metal band which I found through Tim's official Soundcloud in 2012. The project had for some certain reasons been inactive for almost 6 years, but in October 2009 Tim decided to return to the studio and began to undercut what would later become Germs debut album "Wish".

I wouldn't call this avantgarde music, but it's clearly something beyond the ordinary. I can't place the genre in a specific tray, because Germ is so cosmetically innovative. Perhaps Atmospheric or Electronic Post Black Metal fits into its proper meaning? It's poppy, dreamy, depressing and insanely aggressive at the same time and Tim suddenly beats himself free from the genre's actual meaning.

Wish offering a mindfuck-trip like no other and mixes styles with Lunar Aurora's intense pain with Asinar's "Voice from Space" in combination with Yue's "Space Melody". It's hard to describe the music with right words, but imagine Black Sabbath's Paranoid-era and 70s psychedelic electro-music and merged it with Hypothermia or Lifelover. Then you'll get it I hope.

Germs debut "Wish" is an album I highly recommend if you want to experience something extraordinary and at the same time gives you a handful of different emotions. It's really intense on many levels and releases no one indifferent. This is one of the best Black Metal albums I have experienced in 2012 and I'm glad that I managed to find it.

Released: March 12th, 2012.
Style: Post Black Metal, Shoegaze/Electronica.
Label: Eisenwald Tonschmiede