Directed by: Petter Baeistorf
Written by: Petter Baeistorf
Stars: Juliana, PC, Loures Jahnke

Year: 2003
Genrer: Gore, Horror, Short
Run time: 7 minutes
My rating: 3.5 out of 5

I came in contact with the Brazilian director and make-up artist Petter Baiestorf in the middle of 2012. Petter has made films since the 90s and he is a very controversial artist. All his movies are based on political aspects and his disgust to the Brazilian government. This meant that the films have become difficult to release, so in that position he is constantly looking for distributors outside Brazil that are willing to give him a chance. Until then he releases them independently by his own.

Fragmentos De Uma Vida means "Fragments of Life" and is a short film that shows a virulent denunciation of sexism in Brazilian society. We'll see small fragments from the life of a woman being tortured to death by a junkie and a satanic cannibal. The blood spurts against tight lenses and director Petter Baiestorf shows us a realistic use of heroin from a more surreal angle.

This has become the most controversial film in Brazilian cinema-history since José Mojica Marins and his alter ego Coffin Joe. Petter Baiestrofs films is clearly in the same dirty style as the American companies "Toetag Pictures" and "maGgot Films" and offers some completely insane trips. There's no speak of morality, everything is controversial and astonishing disgusting - Just the way I like it.

There is no doubt that Petter likes dirty pornography and Death Metal music. The film is introduced with the sound of bands like Platypuses, Necrosis and Intestinal Disgorge. Meanwhile, we will see pictures of naked girls getting their assholes, mouths and pussies penetrated by cocks, and we also see how some guys fucks a woman and eat her alive. The film has no plot, it only shows images of gore and surrealism, and in one scene, we will also see a guy using a funnel full of heroin that he runs into his arm.

I may be permitted to say that I was a little bit in love. The gore-effects are very beautifully made and looks pretty realistic to come from a budget of zero. The blood spurts pretty much, intestines becomes torn and eaten, the music pumping well and there's alot of beautiful, dirty pornography that spontaneously pops up in the background. I've seen the most of Baiestorfs films by now, and you will definitely get to read more about him and his films in the future. If you like dirty movies then this is the absolute winner.


Produced by: Petter Baeistorf
Cinematography by: Uzi Uschi
Editing by: Petter Baeistorf
Special Effects by: Petter Baeistorf
Music by: Platypuses, Necrosis, Intestinal Disgorge
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Color: Color

Distributor: Canibuk