Artist: Forgotten Woods
Album: Race of Cain

Year: 2007
Genrer: Black Metal
Run time: 52 minutes
My rating: 3.5 out of 5

Forgotten Woods is a black metal band from Etne in Norway. The band consists of members from Joyless, Alcest and Inoculate Injure, and the album Race of Cain from 2007 is their third and latest album. They offer a fairly simple sound of black metal and do not deviate too much in the stylistic nature of their previous efforts. But what makes them unique is that they manage to put rhythmic riffs from the old traditional punk and rock music - a broad and expanded sense of musical exploration, so to speak.

Just like their previous works, the disc has a mysterious and naturally dark, but the Race of Cain is definitely more of a political and social orientation struggling with fascism and social Darwinism against the Christianized liberal and egalitarian democracy - A substance that intelligent and even poetically not reflects the music with the expressive character as you would think.

The Punk-influences on this album reveals itself with one and two-stroke rhythms that slowly creeps up into smaller statement events throughout the disc. There are a few riffs and rhythms that are taken directly from the 1970's archives and provides a gentle and psychedelic persuasion. They cut the explosively charged black metal genre to an incurable grooving supplemented with catchy rock 'n' roll solos. The music is unmistakable in the tradition of early Scandinavian black metal from its core, and even with these occasional detour to punk and rock, staffed band's general and expressive peculiarity and gives them a distinct sense of individuality and an exciting (if not entirely convincing) sound experience.

Although the "Race of Cain" can be internally divided, the album are united with a right-oriented theme of sadomasochism. The political aspects are pushed aside quickly and the band's playful personality comes up for real. In fact, Forgotten Woods make this theme very well, and that's what makes the album degenerates to the anachronistic black metal. The music shifts in a style reminiscent of the band's previous outputs; sweeping melodies that allows for larger fillings and a thoughtfully paced.

In the song "Third Eye" they yell "Sieg Heil!". This is more of an aesthetic appealing, rather than a political one. Forgotten Woods channeling the energy of the intolerant regimes for art's sake. "Third Eye" is interrupted by a radio discussion between Boyd Rice (Death in June) and Bob Larson (A fanatical Christian). The discussion gives listeners an enlightening moment that truly expresses what "Race of Cain" is all about.

I grew up with Black Metal in a very large extent, and I clearly hear that Forgotten Woods is deeply inspired by Burzum and the second wave of Norwegian Black Metal. Race of Cain is highly recommended to those who understands the irony and enjoy bands like  Lifelover, Woods of Infinity and Svarti Loghi.


Band members:
Nylon - Guitars, Bass
Olav Berland - Guitars, Bass, Drums
R. - Guitars, Bass, Lyrics
Thomas Torkelsen - Vocals

Label: 20 Buck Spin Records
Country: Norway

Myspace: http://myspace.com/forgottenwoods