EVIL FEED (2013)

Written by: Tim Nordstedt.

I love martial arts, both watching and training, gore, cannibalism and humour is for the most part a winning concept so how could this ever go wrong? I don´t know but it did and in a sort of bad way! Seeing all those ingredients in one I immediately started to get references to Live Feed, the title the fact that Ryan Nicholson + three other wrote the story doesn´t help either.

I like Ryan Nicholsons movies but Live Feed is not one of my favourites. Well it´s really hard to stop comparing Evil with Live (and yes it´s Evil is Live Backwards and therefore i should have suspected something)  but i will do my best. First of all this one actually have a budget and a good camerawork, the fightscenes  are ranging from ok to pretty bad, but the worst things about this movie is the how some of the characters are written, when the charicatures of corky overacted jokes are delived it´s facepalmtime, sure some of them made my smilemuscles twitch and a couple of them where actually funny but for the most of the time they are just atrocious.

An obscure Chinese restaurant have a very special dish that they serve to VIP guests, the guests are not allowed to point out the main ingredient of the main course instead they kidnap martial artists and let them fight, the loser becomes the entrée. This time they have kidnapped the sensei of a local dojo but when they try to take some of the students by force things get complicated as the students put up a fight, but they still got what they wanted and now they have three new involunteers that have to fight for their lives. The rest of the gang quickly finds out the location of the restaurant and sets out to release their friends with once and to beat up a few humanchopping restaurantworkers at the same time.

The acting is surprisingly pretty good even though the most roles are intensively dorky so sometimes you can´t even judge that, but there are a couple of bigger names here so you know that they can deliver. Gorewise well it´s pretty ok, goofy rubbermodels and severed parts and so on and a whole bunch of blood,nothing that we really haven´t seen before though..

Well Evil is better made, funnier, faster and have better acting than Live, so I´ll let you decide the winner of this outcome. And I think that they tried to pay some kind of tribute to Malcolm Mcdowells cultrole Alex with the main villain and Motel Hell with all the pigmasks but honestly there are probably more little tributes in there that I will have to find.

So in the end is it a total waste of time? well you can definetely do better but it works when you don´t have anything more important to do with your life, if you can stand crappy overacted slapstick humour, bad fightsequences and a little bit of a bloody fun then it´s going to be a perfect match.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Directed by: Kimani Ray Smith
Written by: Kimani Ray Smith, Aaron Au, Jana Mitsoula, Ryan Nicholson
Produced by: Aaron Au, John Chui, Dylan Thomas Collingwood,
Ray Fortier, Robert Mitchell, Kimani Ray Smith

Cinematography by: Steven Deneault
Editing by: Kirby Jinnah
Special Effects by: Danny Newton
Music by: Alain Mayrand
Cast: Laci J Mailey, Terry Chen, Alain Chanoine, Alyson Bath,
Derek Gilroy, Bishop Brigante, Curtis Lum, Sebastian Gacki.

Year: 2013
Country: Canada
Language: English 
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 30min

Distributor: Collingwood Management.