This malignant figure is named Edward. During an earlier stage in 1995, he was a good-natured editor on the culture film department at a film company in the USA. But when a confused splatter-film editor blew himself up, the department head Sam Campbell had to find a replacement and in this case it was Edward. Sam put him in a secluded house and forced him to watch the vulgar film series "Loose Limbs" about Dr. West: a sadistic doctors who are looking for attractive women to carry out his sadistic games on. Edward's task was to cut down the most violent scenes, but something terrible would soon appear. Edward began to see visions and nightmares in the desolate house. The films he was set to cut affected him psychologically. Previously it had him feel sick, but now our lord is addicted to splatter film. The kind Edward has become Evil ED.

Evil ED has become a cult-classic world wide. It was Sweden's first splatter film, written and directed by Anders Jacobsson and Christer Ohlsson. The film cost about $25000 to produce and it fucked healthy with the National Cinema Agency and its ridiculous moral panic that arose during the 80s and early 90s - which also broke out the big debate hysteria about horror films. In this debate, it was argued that violence in horror films would be harmful to the brain and affect you mentally. That's exactly what Evil ED jokes about and obviously it's also a tribute to Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi's film classic The Evil Dead.

This is perhaps one of the most important works in Swedish film history. We go directly into the mind of the film censorship which was in Sweden between 1911 and 1996. Along with Sven-Erik (SEO) Olsson, the team was able to get titles like Brain Dead, Evil Dead and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre completely freed from censorship.

Today, Sweden is almost entirely censored freely, as long as no banks, companies and various labels and distributors choose to self-censor certain titles. This twist happened to Roland HÃ¥nell (Dark Entertainment) for several times during the time he sold films. Dark Entertainment wasn't just a store that sold films, before they went bankrupt they also distributed some titles by their own. One of the films that would have given a title was a 3-disc special edition of Evil ED. This never happened due to the closure and since then many have wondered what exactly will happen to the project? Have Anders Jacobsson scratched up hours of extras for nothing?

Well, one can think so because this project doesn't seem to have an end until someone really want it to be completed. Two years ago Anders tried to create a crowdfund through bangchangewill.com and sadly, only 12 people participated in the sponsorship, so the project was put on hold once again.

So tell me, why should this movie get such an exclusive release? Because it's loved and hated in the whole wide world. It's a classic that really deserves a wider release, unlike the simple DVD that was released over ten years ago by now. Anders ambition is to develop a special version of the film with high defenation, witch including better picture and sound quality. In addition, there will also be two scenes that haven't been seen before. There will be plenty of extra material, over 3 hours long "behind the scenes" documentary with interviews by actors and team. Many trailers, deleted scenes and photographs from the shoot. So come on, tell me, why shouldn't this movie get such an exclusive release?

Today, there is a small chance to get this task completed, and we sincerely hope that the Swedish distributors Last Exit Entertainment unleashing the movie in the near future.

"- Unfortunately, we stand completely still. The air went out of the project when we didn't get the response we wanted. But there is not much left now. The documentary is almost flawless (We only lack an interview with actor Gert Fylking) Otherwise we only missing audio laying of the additional scene that has been added. It would be awesome if Last Exit Entertainment wanted to publish it. Then it would feel more motivated for me to work on." - Anders Jacobsson @ Action Film AB