Artist: Entrails
Album: The Tomb Awaits

Year: 2011
Genrer: Death Metal
Run time: 43 minutes
My rating: 4 out of 5

Entrails was founded by Jimmy Lundqvist as early as 1990 in Växjö, Sweden and waited as long as 18 years before he dug up the genuine Swedish Death Metal depth with their first demo "Reborn" from 2008. In the 90s, Jimmy wasn't really satisfied with his material and therefore chose to put it aside. But since the interest was picked up again, it has gone forward for these guys.

Two of Entrails members includes among others, Jocke and Adde from "Birdflesh" which gives the band some extra points. Even if Birdflesh is considered to be a jokefull grindcore-band, you'll realize what kind of potential they have. The guys have been in the industry for a very long time - it's a long history of music that has climbed its own way. But now they are here to take back what has long been dead - the sound of real Swedish Death Metal.

The Tomb Awaits is their second album and is possibly the one I'm most pleased with so far. The whole introduction begins with an epic and acoustic guitar loop that contains something melodic as "In Flames" did back in the early 90s when their first and only good album "Lunar Strain" was published in every true mans Death Metal collection.

When the melodic intro has faded out, we strictly jump to the second track "Unleashed Wrath", which kicks off with a more heated pace and it's now that we know what "Entrails" really stands for - it could hardly be more dark and brutal in Swedish music standards. Everything feels progressive and hard and when the song "Collection of Cracked Heads' runs away, you'll feel how true evil spirits slowly begins to spread in the body. The whole sound is far from former In Flames - let us compare it with Entombed's "Left Hand Path" or Dismembers creations instead.

The entire album spurts of goodies and at arm's length I can say that this album doesn't consists a single bad song. All titles have their own moments, you have to sit down and piece all the good parts together. My first favorite song from the album was "Eaten By The Dead" it's mainly due to the technical parts and the melodic appearance - not to mention the extremely powerful chorus that makes you want to growl in all immortal lines.

When I first heard Entrails guitar effects, I came immediately to think of HM2 and its uniqe chainsaw-sound like Nihilist and Entombed used out of their time. But even though the guitars sound different, it fits perfectly into the rest of the sound and it's probably what makes them to its own swedish death metal genre. It's heavy, dark and very uncomfortable. The treble give us tinnitus several minutes after the panel is completed when the entitled "Enspeakable Obscenities" slowly fades out. Highly recommended!


Band members:
Jimmy Lundqvist - Guitars
Jocke Svensson - Bass, Vocals
Adde Mitroulis - Drums, Vocals
Mathias Nilsson - Guitars

Label: F.D.A. Rekotz
Country: Sweden

Bandcamp: https://entrails666.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Entrails666