Written by Greigh Johanson

Rebirth of Dissection was the first and very last live-performance after Jon was discharged from prison. This is also the last living pictures taken before Jon Nödtveidt committed suicide - The Night of blood before godless weaning. With a brand new line-up of Dissection, Jon was ready to grab his guitar for doing what he did best. The melodic guitars started with "Night's Blood" and soon the show really begins.

What surprises me most is that the whole concert are performed flawlessly. The members are very talented musicians and holds together a very good balance. Tomas Asklund plays the drums as if he hasn't done anything else in his life. It may look like he is writing on a keyboard and captures the icy atmosphere as the band plays unbeatable classics like "Soulreaper", "Where Dead Angels Lie" and "The Somberlain".

The tracklist isn't particularly diverse because Dissection had only recorded two albums during the time. The album "REINKAΩS" hadn't been published, but the band gave us the song "Maha Kali" as a bonus, and based on its performance, it's also among the most effective songs throughout the concert. Nödtveidt referring to his time as a prisoner, and despite setbacks, he continued to deliver music through a craft of heartfelt wishes. It really feels like he delivers one hundred percent to make the experience as unique as possible. With this song, Jon is ready to say goodbye to life - the depth feels so melancholy and strong.

In front of the audience, we find adults and adolescents, which cranks with their hands and enjoying every melodic tone. Breathtaking enough, no one moshes to Dissection, and I understand it very well. This type of music should be listened to hundred percent. At the front of the audience, we see the usual Brothers of Metal (Nifelheim) but also Henrik Johansson (ex-Morbid Insulter, Beastiality). The crowd elevates mood when all grids to the instrumental song "No Dreams Breed In Breathless Sleep" and triggers the gloomy mix of piano and drunken voices where no man neither keeps pace or tone. It gets a bit comical, but at the same time I feel a kind of joy when all the people at the concert know what song is playing - True fans of Dissection.

The concert production is one of the best I've ever experienced, it's mastered at a high level and if you have good speakers and a surround sound system, you can't miss anything remarkable, either in quality or sound. This should be played at the highest level possible to experience the ultimate sense because it's the last we'll see of Jon and Dissection, ever!

I recommend this concert to anyone who likes real Swedish Anti-Cosmic Death Metal. Dissection was a band that could deliver and it's with great sadness that I must inform you that this was Jon's last performance ever. He stated that he was done with his mission in life, but he had so much more to achieve. He was one of Sweden's most talented guitarists and songwriters and had come so much further than he did. R.I.P 1975-2006