Written by: Tim Nordstedt.

Way before the release of Coming Soon my friends who also were deeply entangled in the underground cinema heard about the coming of this film and got deeply interested, no one knew the exact plot or anything just that it´s from the Czech Republic and has a bizarre theme,  everything seemed to be hold in secrecy which is one of the reasons that everyone got so worked up, we never hunted down a copy in those days and things slowly turned into oblivion, until a couple of days ago where i came by the ambigous poster by mistake and decided that I have to see it this time.

Even in these days the most people who have seen praises it but tend to explain the movie in a cryptic way and there is a good and a bad thing about that, the good one being that there are no spoilers and the curiousity grows bigger, the bad one is that when you have seen the movie, it probably won`t live up to the expectations that got built up by the mysticism.

Hearing the word surreal in many descriptions of this movie I was more or less expecting an Iskanov like artform of movie, those thoughts quickly got shoved down a grinder as quick as I hit the playbutton. Now hopefully no one had the same arcane experience as I had when I tried to figure out what kind of movie this was because then I´m pretty much going to destroy those visions so I will appologize for that!

Coming Soon is a sort of a documentary, not completely sure if it is a mockumentary but I´m certain that some if not many of the material in this movie is scripted and acted. The subject it concerns is beastiality now that is the only thing that have been out in the open but how they took it and made a movie out of it that have always been the question. The first scene that appears is an old footage of  a marriage beteween a woman and a horse by people in animalmasks shown in artistic sepia, and that made my fascination grow then it cuts to an interview with the same women in the modern day where she explains the love for her horse and how pure it was.

From here we get to see many interviews with people that share the same views about human and animal love, their opinions about the humans that judges them and why christianity is the main objector of beastiality and there is alot of despise against christianity in this movie. One person even claims that he got instituted and tells us about his uncomfortable visit to the mental hospital.

The focus in the bigger picture is drawn to an organisation called E.F.A- Equality For All who stands for the equal rights for animals and humans but ofcourse in their sense of love as to say, now with all the rantings, poor attempts to intellectual arguments and downright crazy babbling like "God exists, if God exists then maybe through biotechnological experiments he could help us to create a unicorn" and yes he wanted a unicorn, after that i had to google up E.F.A and it seems like they don´t really exists or they didn´t reach very far but I´m fairly sure that they never existed.

We also get to see what sort of animal themed toys they have in the local sexshop, their lack of pigmasks offended me. Things turns to the darker after a while and we get to hear and see about some people that got harassed or are afraid to get killed by people that doesn´t approve when it comes to  their personal choice of love.

Were also bombarded with pictures of animals doing animal things and humans controlling them out of different perspectives and some Peta pictures that can be disturbing for some people so in the end I thought I had it all figured out, this movie is supposed to have a message, an irreligious, vegetarian, animal rights message and to get the humankind to open their eyes and see the harm they do to animals they will compare it to concentration camps and the behaviour of nazis, bring up the selfrighteousness and show the hypocrisy of religion and take a bizarre subject like zoophilia that most people knows is a pretty unpleasant thing and make sure that the viewer understands that it´s safer for the animal than torture, abusing, stacking up  and dismembering them, now doesn´t that sound clever, even a little bit confusive due to the fact that many E.F.A members were carnivores?

 I mean I haven´t been eating meat while I was watching this movie, so I thought bravo, that´s really smart but that was until I heard the E.F.A homepage being named in the end and I had to check it out and woe to my google skills for they have failed me this time, E.F.A seems to be real, I thought it was a marketing trick but as it shows they have even been on Swedish radio Pöbelväldet and discussed about zoophilia, now i never listen to radio so I have no idea how serious that is but here in Sweden we recently got a law against beastiality luckily enough, because obviously things where getting out of hand in a couple of places.

So that was a big letdown in itself and it got even worse when they actually proclaimed 1st February as the international zoophilia/bestiality day and alot of people declared it to be official, especially in Berlin, now i have a bitter taste everywhere in my cavity!

The movie itself well it was pretty entertaining, the form of entertainment you feel when  you watch a documentary about weird topics and I do that alot so this one passes, it´s still a big letdown that it wasn´t a "real" movie" but I suppose it made a bigger impact this way and alot of the people in Coming Soon were hilarious although they were probably not suppose to be humorous I still got a good laugh at their expense, and I am still more than certain that many things are faked for the sake of getting a stronger message.

I´m all for animal rights, vegetarians and vegans but please do not have sex with animals and by the way no graphic animal sex in this movie.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Directed by: Sir Tijn Po
Written by: Sir Tijn Po
Produced by: Sir Tijn Po
Cinematography by: Václav Tlapák
Editing by: Tomas Kozak
Special Effects by: None
Music by: ?
Cast: Lukas Hyksa, Jan Ruzicka, Vasek Tlapak, Václav Tlapák, Petr Vancl.
Year: 2006
Country: Czech Republic, USA
Language: Czech, English 
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 46min

Distributor: Devilhead Films