Albin Glasell, a young swedish director behind earlier short films (Celice, Barracuda) have his premiere tomorrow 22/01-14 with a new short film presented by Stellarvoid Productions named "Cocktail Apocalypse". It's a comedy tribute that flirts with every sequences of films and directors that he likes; David Lynch, Lars von Trier and his true love of traditional horror zombie-flicks. Combining these three subjects and we get a tragicomic short film full filled with disco-music and brain dead men... or shall we say zombies? Oh hell, what's really the difference!

"When the male population were all turned into zombies, nothing really changed. "Cocktail Apocalypse" is a zero-budget sketch-based comedy, without dialogue but with a lot of zombies!"

Albin says: "The origins of the film came out of two things: I was in the midst of finishing the writing of my first feature length film which made me need some sort of creative ventilation in something completely different; and I was also getting more and more tired of the state of weekends and the frantic social "need" for clubbing. So! I put two and two together and what came out of this creative despise was the story for "Cocktail Apocalypse". I'd like to say it's a lovingly somewhat ironic take on humanity, especially the male-gendered one. And what better way to tell such a story than with zombies?"

The music is written and performed by Sibel Ahmet and I AM NOVA. You can hear the track "Let You Down" from their album "Fit for the Circus". All the zombies in the film are dubbed by Albin Glasell himself and sound designer Carl Cerstrand. And zombie make-up is made by Jonas Wolcher (Die Zombiejäger, Dragonetti) with his assistant Tobias Larsson.

The premiere is exposed tomorrow at 12:00 am at: