Directed by: Adrián Cardona, Rafa Dengrá, David Muñoz
Written by: Adrián Cardona, Rafa Dengrá, David Muñoz
Stars: José María Angorrilla, Olivares, Pep Sais... read more

Year: 2010
Genrer: Horror, Short, Splatter
Run time: 15 minutes
My rating: 5 out of 5

Eskoria Films is a Spanish film company that most focuses on short films, but not any movies what so ever. They're a gold mine of splatter movies and other hidden treasures. They borrow from classic horrors and makes something very own out of it. It's not often the entertainment value is so high that it's in Brutal Relax, and hereby I give you the opportunity to discover this amazing company.

Brutal Relax is a fiften minutes long splatter-fest, written by David Munoz an directed by Adrián Cardona and Rafa Dengrá. It was created in year of 2010 and tells us about Mr.Olivares who's in need for rest, and on doctors order, he takes a holiday to the seaside just to relax and enjoy himself for a while. In doing so, he unwittingly ends up in the same location where the beach is invaded by sea demons who rips and mutilates it inhabitants. This doesn't seem to bother the anxietty ridden man until his Sony Walkman's batteries runs out, and now the real hell is unleashed... brutally.

I really love this kind of silly entertainment. Brutal Relax doesn't have any limits and it never ceases to amuse. David Munoz has a sick and funny fantasy and the cinematic performance is phenomenally well togheter with Eskoria Films collaboration. Although the film contains a moderation of CGI technology in some parts, they hide it very well with practical effects - It blends in really good and looks very nice.

Much of the inspiration comes mainly from Peter Jackson's "Brain Dead/Dead Alive" and the sea demons can be compared to the zombies from Ken Wiederhorn's 70s turkey "Shock Waves". The blood and the fluids escalates, guts and body parts flying around like dirty laundry in a dryer and towards the end we're in an ultimate mix of Riki-Oh and Adam Chaplin

It's evident that they're accustomed to working with camera techniques and special-effects. With help of neat filtering, this really doesn't look like a low-budget project. It's well structured, both with angles, color and music for easy creation and acknowledge the good with the bad.

If you like stylish and entertaining splatterfilms, then Brutal Relax is a movie that I highly recommends. Eskoria Films reigns and offers one of the world's fiercest and funniest short films ever made. This is just one film from the crowd and has quickly become one of my favorites.


Produced by: David Muñoz
Cinematography by: Rafa Dengrá
Editing by: Adrián Cardona, Rafa Dengrá and David Muñoz
Special Effects by: Adrián Cardona, Rafa Dengrá
Music by: Savvas Salpistís
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Color: Color

Distributor: Eskoria Films