Directed by: Akihiro Kashima
Written by: Kazuhiro Kasai, Hiroshi Takatsu
Stars: Jun'ichi Haruta, Yumiko Ishikawa, Hirohisa Nakata

Year: 1986
Genrer: Gore, Horror, SciFi, Short
Run time: 36 minutes
My rating: 1.5 out of 5

It was almost twelve years by now the very first time I watched this slightly different Japanese sci-fi flick. Therefore, I decided to give the film a new opportunity and see what it was that made me thought it was so charming and entertaining. Firstly, this was one of the first films that introduced me to the entire Japanese gore genre along with the Guinea Pig series. It was something new for me at the time, so it was no wonder that I was so excited. But today it isn't  remarkable at all, and I think that it even has passed beyond its sell-by date for the biggest 80s generation.

Some researchers on Hirose Research Institute of Biology has developed a GT-serum from meteors, which speeds up the biological growths.  As it soon turns out, has someone or something found out the secret: an alien who is described as a "Miraijin" or time traveler, is sent to Earth to retrieve the serum and cause unnecessary violent deaths of those who developed it.

Twelve years ago I didn't care much about the film's plot, it was only the violent scenes that meant something. I wanted to see blood and gore, it was the only starting point for me. But today I wanted to focus on the somewhat shoddy plot. If only I had the Japanese language experience it had not been a major concern for me, but when the film lacks text translation I sit a little bit frustrated. But my theory is as such that this creature from outer space're looking for a special serum that biologists have managed to produce. This fluid may be living organ grow to twice its size and probably want this alien accessing the serum to help, with its genus able to control and rule over the earth, that's the only logical explanation I have managed to come up, from there it stops.

Biotherapy is directed by Akihiro Kashima and is a short film that takes place in just over 35 minutes. For its time, the film won an award from the manga magazine "Young Jump" for best rendered special effects. Well, the effects can speak for itself on this kind of grainy copy that has never received any remastered adjustment. The only two editions available to get hold of is a broken played cassette tapes and a bootleg DVDs that are directly copied from this particular cassette tapes, so any further quality there is no talk about. The image is partially wobbly and very grainy in places and the Gore-effects disappear at times because of the low resolution. When the alien takes shape behind his hooded cloak consisting of a hat and long coat, the flashing effects doesn't even reach up to us as spectators.

I can't understand that I once thought this rubbish movie was awesome. It definitely has nothing to give me. Not even the monster is sufficiently cool once it reveals its true appearance, I mostly sat and hoped that the film would end. The director and the authors have made no more films than Biotherapy, so I wonder if these creators have made a common suicide somewhere along the way. No other information about them can get in hands either and I'm wondering what their next film would have been if they had continued with his filmmaking.

If you're looking for cheap entertainment, where effects and plot in the best possible way can be dumbexplained, then this is definitely a film for you. If you want to witness an early era where Japanese gore movies were at their most popular and sought to outdo contemporary violent films, then this is the film for you. But don't expect the Guinea Pig experience, then you will be immediately disappointed.


Produced by: Neil Meschino, Giulio De Santi
Cinematography by: Akihiro Kashima
Editing by: Akihiro Kashima
Special Effects by: Osamu Miki
Music by: ?
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Color: Color

Distributor: Dead Format