Directed by: Alexandre Courtès
Written by: S. Craig Zahler, Jérôme Fansten
Stars: Rupert Evans, Richard Brake, Dave Legeno... read more

Year: 2011
Genrer: Horror, Thriller
Run time: 1h 25min
My rating: 3.5 out of 5

I adore asylums, I more than adore asylums, they're almost like a sanctuary unless I'm strapped in a lifejacket, drugged and thrown in to a padded cell, at least I don't think I will like it, weirder stuff have happened. Every time a movie with Asylum in the title or the concept being something that connects to a asylum or insane inmates then I have to give it a watch, most of them are the defintion of the word terrible then we have the few ones that protrudes from the quicksand of talentless smudge. So where did Asylum Blackout place itself?

Asylum Blackout travels back o 1989 and tells the story about Max, George and Ricky who are dreaming musicians and ofcourse like the most musicians they have to have a job to support themselves, they labour as chefs in an asylum, cooking, cleaning and serving meals with pills to the inmates.

One night the guys have a late gig and George have to attend to work early in the mornng and arrives without getting any sleep, he can barely get a hold of his emotions so after the servings his coworkers offers to clean up the mess so that he can go and take a nap. During his sleep the power goes out by the incursion of a violent storm and everyone get´s locked in, the security guards are too few to handle all the inmates so the chefs gets to lend a helping with escorting them to their rooms in the dark. The inmates that have become triggered by a severe psychopath sees an oppurtunity to have some fun and starts a bloodspilling riot.

The movie itself seems to be split up in four parts, the first part being the introduction then comes the survival horror in where we see them trying to find a way out in the dark with a flashlight trying to avoid the threats of the criminally insane then comes the gore, violence and torture and a few pretty graphic once too then the finish, a big twist that may leave some people bewildered and others disappointed.

The beginning is just an introduction to the people we will follow through the movie and it sets more focus on Georges life, dreams and personality as he is our main protagonist. When it comes to the survival part it´s just clumsy, no one runs around and tries to hide while waving the flashlight everywhere and scream at people because eventually everything will go to hell and thats where it pretty much went, it got a fine amount of blood, gore and torture but in a Natural Born Killer riot kind of way but not near as chaotic and the inmates are just as mean as the prisoners in that movie but alot crazier. And then the ending, the first time i saw this movie I was tired and deeply in a foodcoma so I got mindwobbled and it was whirling in my brain the whole night until i came up with three or four different parts that could explain it and none as simple as some reviewers on IMDB strongly claims to be the solution, well it was easier to decrypt the second time I saw it but i still got out with more than one conclusion.

If you watch this with a logical state of mind then you are going to hate this, I don't know how they tend to set up security in closed off asylums in 1989 but surely they must have had more than four persons as security, especially if they are treating inmates like this. We don't get to follow the psychos, we just see them get their food, go to their room, flip out a little mildly then go on a murder spree so there is no explanation or anything, no rehabs, no files, no treatments or anything for us to know, the only thing that we can get a hold of is that that particular hospital have the strongest pills in the the history, the mentally deranged patients are more or less sedated and it just takes one day without it for them to go completely berzerk.

This movie have potential, really strong potential, the acting, the setting and the effects are great but as it won't go deeper into things it just falled on its back and flaunted a shallow illogic messy story that makes you question more things than the ending.


Produced by: Wassim Béji, Emilie Chatel, Doug Davison
Cinematography by: Laurent Tangy
Editing by: Baxter
Special Effects by: François Crèvecoeur, Benoît Dal, Eric Dupont, Marc Umé.
Music by: Christophe Chassol
Country: USA, France, Belgium
Language: English 
Color: Color

Distributor: Njuta Films Entertainment