'The Black Fables "is a real bloodbath in Brazilian folklore with various legends cleaned up by three generations of horror filmmakers.
In the beginning of this year It was released a trailer for "The Black Fables", a feature anthology directed by José Mojica Marins, Rodrigo Aragon, Joel Caetano and Petter Baiestorf. The film is almost completed and the premiere is scheduled for later in January in the important Film Festival mining.

A group of Children embark in a sinister adventure, populated with characters from Brazilian folklore – werewolves, witches, ghosts, monsters and the Saci. With the fantastic meeting between four of the most important names in the Brazilian horror cinema: Rodrigo Aragão, Petter Baiestorf, Joel Caetano and José Mojica Marins, the eternal Coffin Joe.

Word has come across our desk that Coffin Joe himself, the great Jose Mojica Marins, is on board as one of the four directors of the upcoming Brazilian splatter anthology The Black Fables (As Fabulas Negras). Fellow directors are Rodrigo Aragão (The Monster of the Sewage and Iara’s House), Petter Baiestorf (Fierce Pampas), and Joel Caetano (Bloody Blonde).

José Mojica Marins directs the episode "Saci", which also plays one of the characters. Petter Baiestorf tells the story of a gaucho werewolf with his "Pampa Fierce" starring Coffin Souza who plays a dismal traditionalist farmer and Walderrama dos Santos in the role of crazy werewolf. Joel Caetano tells of bloody legend of the bathroom Blonde and Rodrigo Aragon tells stories about "The Sewer Monster" and "The House of Iara."

Hermann Pidner and Rodrigo Aragão are executive producing, and Mayra Alarcón and Kika Oliveira are the producers. Walderrama dos Santos, Tiago Ferri, Carol Aragão, Cesar Souza Coffin, Milena Bessa, Margareth Galvão, Mayra Alarcón, Dora Dadalto, and of course Coffin Joe star!

Marcelo Castanheira and Alexandre Barcelos are serving as directors of photography on what’s being billed as a bloodbath in Brazilian folklore!