Directed by: Danielle Harris
Written by: Alyssa Lobit
Stars: Alyssa Lobit, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn... read more

Year: 2012
Genrer: Comedy, Horror
Run time: 1h 20min
My rating: 3 out of 5

You know one of those movies when you just want every person in it to be tortured slowly and that's the only reason you're watching it? This is one of those movies - they are either boring or obnoxious and it gets worse with time.

A group of friends decides to meat up one evening and play a murder mystery game hosted by their friend Bernadette, when the game eventually starts the rules are changed drastically. After they have searched the rooms for clues and taking some shrooms and other substances they gather at the table where cocktails and a big surprise is served. The guests finds themselves drugged and immobilized and then the real game starts, initially with a couple of questions but then it escalates quickly to bloodshed.

Among Friends have a very similar feeling to the more wellknown movie Would You Rather that came out same year but with a couple of differences, while Jeffrey Combs character Shepard does it out of curiousity and spite, Bernadette has a personal motive that slowly unfolds itself, and there is way more messy parts in Would You Rather while this movie concentrates a psychic mindgame, the more secrets that starts to surface, the more the players are starting to turn against each other and it more or less focuses on that part and throws in a little bit of torture in between when it´s called for.

It's really not a bad movie, it's quite good actually unless you expect alot of torture and gore, I had to see this one twice to appreciate it, sure some of the characters are really excruciatingly annoying but that makes it much more fun in the long run.

The role list even includes one of the biggest horroricons in the modern days, namely Kane Hodder that makes a small cameo,  and it's interesting to see him at the bottom of the murderchain for once, and even more interesting to see him dance, people should see the movie just because of that. Even Michael Biehn jumps on the wagon and plays himself in a drugrelated vision that also involves Danielle Harris dresses as a clown again, that was a great little hommage to Halloween 4. There is no mystery to their partipation of this movie, Danielle Harris directed this movie and she is not exactly unknown to horrorfans, starring with Kane in Hatchet 2 & 3 I am pretty sure he was up to this just for fun and Michael Biehn is married to the actress Jennifer Blanc that plays one of the guests in this movie.

In the end I actually liked it even though the only one I could stand in this movie except for the few seconds of Kane was Bernadette. I am not sure who I can recommend to it to but if you are a gorehound then... no if you like psychological torture without the big payoffs and only want to be there to see the ride and let your imagination do the rest... then yes.


Produced by: Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, Athena Lobit
Cinematography by: John Orphan
Editing by: Vance Crofoot
Special Effects by: Roxanne Pike
Music by: Cody Westheimer
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Monster Pictures