Directed by: Kidcrusher
Written by: Kidcrusher
Stars: Emma Louise Wilson

Year: 2010
Genrer: Horrorcore, Short
Run time: 12 minutes
My rating: 4 out of 5

First of all, this is not based on the book Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter. This is a short film that turns to a musicvideo after a couple of minutes and then proceeds to being a short film, produced by Strongman Pictures and Shawn "Kidcrusher" Montague (Kidcrusher, Rectal Birth, Kcavemen) and ofcourse it's a song from Kidcrushers latest album Metal Murder 3D named Directors Cut  that melts in with this bloody little Grindhouse worshipping spectacle.

If you don't know who Kidcrusher is then I will present his musical creation in a short term before we get off to the visual bloodshed, with exception for the death and grind band Kcavemen and Rectal Birth as those projects have nothing to do with this one. Kidcrusher is a multi-instrumental horrorcore artist from MelbourneAustralia who have successfully established his name as an artist during years of hard work and several releases with different musical outlets.

The musical style of Kidcrusher is a dark, disturbing, perverted form of rapmusic that flirts with metal and horror music and have a bit of humour in it, some funny some not so funny, the later works have  alot of dubstep and industrial noise induced in them and although i hate rapmusic and dubsteb I have to admit that it's pretty good.

When it comes to horrorcore as I stated in the review of Butchers Harems Snuff, Porn, Gore there are a couple of bands that quenches my thirst for audial and visual gorefest and Kidcrusher fits the bill both in sound and lyrics and as the most artists that gorge about these themes of rape, torture, violence and likely, Shawn spends most of the time watching Spongebob and Family Guy while making music.

When it comes to Alice in Zombieland I had my expectations pretty high after I have seen his musicvideos to Meet the Monstors and The Naughty List, this short film met all of my expectations and more.

It´s a funny, bloodfilled little flick that is shot with the same gritty seventies cinema style as the Grindhouse movies and they even had the good taste to include abit of the Grindhouse intro. I suppose that the leading lady is named Alice because of the title and in the beginning we see her getting dragged from a cage and gets slapped unconscious, when she wakes up in a hospitalbed she quickly discovers that she is surrounded by zombies.
In fear Alice tries to avoid them and hide but as fear turns to anger, anger turns to violence and then it gets messy.

Alice in Zombieland was another successfull attempt of Kidcrushers carrier and I think that I´ve seen this movie about ten times in a row now and still can´t get enough of it. No matter what you think about his music Alice in Zombieland is still worth taking a look at, multiple times!


Produced by: Metal Murder 3D
Cinematography by: ?
Editing by: ?
Special Effects by: ?
Music by: KidCrusher - Directors Cut
Country: Australia
Language: English 
Color: Color

Distributor: Metal Murder 3D