Artist: Acrania
Album: Totalitarian Dystopia

Year: 2014
Genrer: Brutal Deathcore
Run time: 36 minutes
My rating: 3.5 out of 5

Seems like it's time to piss off some people so here we go!

Deathcore, doesn't that just sound distasteful to the point that you rather want to cut of your tongue and blind yourself by pouring hot sauce into your eyeballs?  Overtattooed, skinny, br00talkids playing something that almost can pass for death metal, now that's just not right and everyone just suck at everything or do they really?

Being deeply rooted in the black metal scene since childhood I didn´t give it that much thought when the scene started to appear and expand and spred it´s horrible name as a flu, the few things I heard didn´t interest me at all except for the Job For A Cowboy Spongebob video.

And being a devotee to the extreme scene I also noticed that it started to degenerate rapidly, people would rather sit on their asses with a beer and exposing their fragile swollen egoes by being a big bully to everything, mostly keyboardwarrior style. The fire, the taboos and the honour slowly got tarnished from the black metal scene and the music got watered down to fit the big masses, so the olden generation of death and black warriors started to create coffeeclubs where you properly could whine over all the kids that are so angry and plays fast, now that's where I got lost, shouldn´t metal be angry, I certainly want the most of my music being pissed off and shoving it´s middlefinger towards everything rather than getting ingrown and comfortable with the shit of the world and listen to fictional lyrics about murder and necrophilia, with exception from the black metal artist Hunferd who really did dig up a corpse, had some fun and then wrote a romantic song about it in prison, now that's respect!

Being a little dissapointed with how things started to turn out with my comrades I had to see what the fuzz was all about so I checked out a couple of liveshows, and the most performers had the energy that I missed, it was almost like being in a fightclub and I like fightclubs! Now I'm not going to go over my head and praise the scene like a worshipper but the anger and the energy was there instead of people performing like constupated statues and the crowd stands around like they are watching a ballad while getting retardedly drunk, things even got so far that some artists want their crowd to lay down and cry for mother earth to their tunes, now finally I understand why Toxic from the respected act Arkhon Infaustus joined the hardcore band Kickback and yes he wanted even more physical violence live.

Now the bands in the Deathcore scene that I really like are very few and align themselves in the more brutal department like Dawning the Inferno, Misericordiam, Aversions Crown, Infant Annihilator, Boris the Blade, Depths of Hatred, Suntorn, Echoes of Misanthropy,  Rose Funeral, Bound by Exile amongst others and Acrania. Yes finally we are moving on to the topic of this review!

Acrania is a quartet from London, tha band was born with a molotovcocktail in each hand and quickly set out to deliver brutal, headstomplingly heavy Deathcore that slaps it´s message with full force in the face of the listener and forcing them to actually use their brains and eyes. The lyrics are political, the band is so political that they even named their style to Politicore and if you rather want to have a life that just exists of staying inside, work and then get brainlessly blasted on alcohol in the weekends to forget that you actually don´t have a life or no interest to involve yourself with the real word then do not open the booklet!

Even the music is arranged to connect with the lyrical content, heavy, straight forward with a technical balance that gets interrupted with churning, poundings that creates a hell of a riot in the speakers. Already when the breakdowns from the intro Hollow starts to clutch your head like a vice, you know where this is going, this is not a general hairspray Deathcore release that we so stereotypically accuse the scene of. Like Moker, Alice Through the Windshieldglass and Ingested they have the biggest part placed in a brutal form of death metal but  slams it into new terrirories in the way that everything still feels like a solid concept and you almost forget that it is corelabelled.

And let's not forget the vocals, ok it's more or less impossible to forget them, Lukes vocals range from almost anything in this scene, ultradeep growls, gutturals, gargling, harsch shouting, high pitched screaming and the pigsqueals are breeelicious to listen to, sometimes the words are even spat in such a furious insane speed that it´s hard to follow and that is not a complaint!

So do I have any complaints at all? ofcourse I have, I always have complaints but minor regarding this release. The album is not a 100% enjoyable there are small bits and pieces that could be better but all in all they blend in after a while, the production is fat when it comes to the guitars and vocals but the drums and bass sounds almost synthetic in times especially the bass and the last complaint is that Jamie Hanks guestvocals on Lobotomise, Dehumanise, Negate (LDN) feels way out of place, now I don't listen to I Declare War (except for the Bring the Season EP) so it could be because of that but still in my opinion it didn´t contribute anything extra to the material.

To add something more to the plus side, the cover made by the talanted artist Pär Johansson is well worth a mention, not many bands in this scene that releases something eyecatching nowadays. And by the way keyboardwarrior corekids are also excellent whiners so can everyone just stop with the whining please!


Band members:
Jake Hadley - Drums
Jack Simmons - Guitars, Bass
Luke Griffin - Vocals

Label: Unique Leader Records
Country: United Kingdom

Bandcamp: https://uniqueleaderrecords.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Acraniauk