2000 ANOS PARA ISSO? (1996)

Directed by: Petter Baeistorf
Written by: Petter Baeistorf
Stars: E.B. Toniolli, Susana Manica

Year: 1996
Genrer: Gore, Horror, Short
Run time: 13 minutes
My rating: 1.5 out of 5

Previously I viewed Petter Baiestorfs short film "Fragmentos De Uma Vida" from 2003, and now I took time to check out 2000 Anos Para isso? (2000 Years for This?) an older short film made in the mid-nineties. After this experience, I basically know where I have our director. He likes to combine surrealism with realistic gore and it should ideally contain humiliation of women with a dirty undertone. But unfortunately, this earlier one never spoke to me at all.

The film is about the eternal return. It's a minimalistic film about a grown man and his desperate attempts to return into the uterus of a beautiful woman who symbolizes to be his own mother - In this short film we get to see him, step by step, slowly crawl back into the her womb.

I like the philosophy, the mindset and the basic idea of this movie, because who hasn't wanted to crawl back into the womb sometime? But there's something about this movie that doesn't quite match in my mind, because it's not made from the unique way that I would have liked to see it. What made me interested was mainly the minimalist creation, but the gore effects just destroyed my whole illusion and it makes me think of liver sausage and the red blood produces a 70's feel unlike his later films that actually feels modern for its time.

To be a short film, it is very lengthy and what I mean is that if you are in a desperate situation and need to perform this type of action, then it should be done relatively quickly and not for 13 minutes with useless content of nonsense. This is after all a very early movie and I can not condemn Petter because this is one of his first films. After all, I liked the film's philosophy and symbolism and that's something positive I guess.


Produced by: Petter Baeistorf
Cinematography by: Petter Baeistorf
Editing by: Petter Baeistorf
Special Effects by: Petter Baeistorf
Music by: ?
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Color: Color

Distributor: Canibuk