Artist: Svartur Dödur
Album: Aperite Portas Infernorum

Year: 2014
Genrer: Black Metal, Death Metal, Groove Metal
Run time: 19 minutes
My rating: 3 out of 5

What wouldn't be better than introduce this evening by ripping up the nostalgic roots with exquisite news in Swedish Metal unikum? Let me preface this post with a few brief words and let us dive into where the 90th century Swedish black metal scene began to escalate in connection with the second generation of its genre. Motorized bands like Dark Funeral, Lord Belial, Mörk Gryning and Marduk aggressively began to provide their career as subgenre, proved to be increasingly popular in the underground circuits on Swedish and international markets.

What the civilization weren't united about during this decade, where the sign of a couple of trolls who soon began to step out of their stupor and small humorous jester with a stranded junction of easily managed satire-black metal started taking tons. The founders of this genre was the Metal-trione in "Unchaste" and in connection with this Moomin-slaying and banana subjecting barrier would soon multiband reacting force in the turbulent subgenre. In between 1998-2002, there were some bestial and corpsepainted kids from Sollentuna, namely Svartur Dödur.

Internet was relatively new in its execution, and this was about a time when social media such as Myspace hadn't been contemplated yet. Svartur Dödurs only marketing was taken power by an underlying server through the community of Killingarna.net in the result of an extremely ugly 90's design. During this time the band only recorded a shaky production of "Absurdum ad Infinitatem". The young boys was still in high school and their future ambitions through the music was opened in later stages of projects as Burning Darkness, Mortifera and Slumber.

With only one record created, Svartur Dödur eventually disappeared and the questions flowed through the internet. No one had any idea of what had happened to the project as their site was still open to the public. It would almost take twelve rotten years to present their first EP "Aperite Portas Infernorum" - a five-track digital EP available for download on their Bandcamp.

The first track opens an energetic and powerful drive that combines the typical Swedish and melodic black metal with the former Svartur Dödur. The production is honed to the bone marrow and there is no doubt that the members have filed their musical skills. This time, they can handle an instrument without sounding like a bunch of novices. Twelve years gave the right skills and I looking forward to a new album pretty soon. Unlike previous material the band also has chosen to experiment with carefully selected subgenres, and styles mixes with funky rock'n'roll riffs.

If you don't understand the Swedish language, you'll find it hard to understanding the irony of Svartur Dödur. It's very social criticism and make fun of religion in a somewhat ridiculous way. But I actually have international friends who have listened to this EP and completely loved its production and the instrumental parts, so the text isn't always important to make a good band. You can also try to translate them by using Google or anything and I think you will understand their message in someway.


Band members:
FaderwaR - Bass
Thorak - Drums
Sephlebus - Guitars
Skuggan - Vocals
Amok - Guitars

Label: Independent
Country: Sweden

Bandcamp: http://svarturdodur.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/svarturdodur/