Artist: SEKT
Album: Unhealthcare

Year: 2011
Genrer: Dark Ambient
Run time: 57 minutes
My rating: 3.5 out of 5

This Swedish project was an extremely overlooked  hidden little gem in the obscure, dank world of dark ambient. The name SEKT is beyond the obvious meaning an abbrevation of Sadistisk Exorcism Kulturell Terrorism and the combination of those words more or less sums up the music and the infuence it afflicts on the listener.

Sadly the only release with SEKT that exists is "Unhealthcare", a seven track-tape strictly limited to 100 copies released by Heiden Hart Records in 2011. During a conversation with the brainchild of this band I was confirmed that SEKT is not active in any way for now but no one knows what the future holds.

A couple of unreleased tracks have been made after Unhealthcare and the inerest in releasing the material for a wider distribution exists and personally I really hope that someone gives this material a chance. Musically it's not the easiest thing for the most people to digest, it consists of droning minimalistic dark ambient, and depicts a horror of reality from many different angles similar to artists like Atrium Carceri, Coph NIa, Lustmord and Sephiroth but with a harsher, colder antihuman sense to it.

Unhealthcare is the exact reflection of it's title and the unfoldable cover, the amputation of all healthy and loving aspects that thrives in the humankind and the long lasting anthem to the sick acts of this race, be it selfinflicted or inflicted on others. It's the audial version of the slow mentally and physically rotting process that takes it's toll unto all living, breathing creations and the droning destruction of time that sets it's crumbled mark upon buidings and machinations.

This isn't the kind of music you just feel like listening to out of the blue, the many few with the right mindset will succumb to it and envision black and white grimey pictures of tortures, abuse, insanity, warfare, junkies and every lovely hidden piece of act that this race has to offer in it's blood and urinedrenched gutters.

If you are a movie fan and have a passionate love for Philosophy of a Knife and similar movies, I would go ahead and say that this is pretty much the musical deformed embodiment of it and beyond that. And if you still want to go along and live through this experience in the best way possible I would recommend isolation, a dark room, high volume and with your feelings and thoughts firmly clutching a misanthropic trigger.

And if you still want to listen to it and kept in mind that these tapes was released 2011, limited to a 100 copies which pretty much makes it impossible to get a hold on then you can always check out their bandcamp, I even got a preview of an unreleased track that got up online during our conversation. Now take your time and enjoy the the hopeless, meaninglessness of our existence that this anonymous band that sure deserves more than a limited cassette release have constructed for us, now spread it like diseases, drugs, religions and the infectious everlasting stupidity of man.


Band members:

Label: Heiden Hart Records
Country: Sweden

Bandcamp: https://sekt731.bandcamp.com/