PIZZA (2014)

Written by Tim "Naexos" Nordstedt 

Yes the movie is named Pizza, yes the title and the cover were reasons enough for me to watch it and yes I know how dumb it is to choose a movie because of that. And now I will declare myself even dumber, the name and the cover itself were so titillating that I didn't even bother to read about the synopsis or anything else regarding this movie and that is always a huge mistake. I'm not sure what I was expecting either, a crazed pizzamaker that goes Blood feast or maybe a vengeful leftover pizzaghost that terrorize the person that didn't finish it, worse things have happened in the movie universe, but this, no!

The movie Pizza has it's origin from India, and the story revolves around the pizzadeliverer Kunal who lives a careless life with his job and his girlfriend being the centre of it, but small parts of his life are inflicted by the supernatural and otherwordly, especially as his boss has a very superstitious nature, Kunal himself does not bother with such things until he gets an order to deliver a pizza to a big mansion, what he doesn´t know is that the mansion is haunted and the malicious ghosts have a very playful mind.

In the first couple of minutes of this movie we can see exactly what type of direction the movie will take, now India is not unfamiliar with the making of horror-movies but they have never gained any greater fame outside the country, not like the Eastern Asian countries as to say, and that is where the connection can be made. Sure Indias horrormovie have been surrounded by the supernatural, demonic, ghosts and ghouls but for the general viewer many parts will look like they have been trying to rip off Japan, Thailand and Korea for example and especially at the beginning of the movie.

But as it's title Pizza is not a bleak and tormented movie as the East Asians ghostfilms, it's actually pretty vivid, colourfull and has a sense of a subtle humour to it, even when Kunal gets his nerves tested by the ghosts in the house there is a form of 80´s campy cheese feeling to it, with odd and sometimes a little bizarre moments lightening the creepy tension of it, sadly the jumpscares were not effective in any way.

I´m certainly not going to give away anything but this is far from everything the movie has to offer but as Kunal goes completely insane, the ending seems to be very uncertain and uncertain it is because the best is yet to come, the moviemakers served a great spicy slice of  twist on this. That little mindgame really made the movie and I instantly loved the turn it took but then they take back the slice and gives us another twist that delivers a crusty, molten aftertaste.

Pizza can feel like a general, lightwinded movie that sets the mood but doesn´t deliver the hardcore scares although there are very nifty parts in this movie and the twist alone makes it worth watching. In the end this movie left a big question in my head, why does every pizza look so yellowish?

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