Artist: Mysticum
Album: Planet Satan

Year: 2014
Genrer: Black Metal, Industrial
Run time: 47 minutes
My rating: 4.5 out of 5

18 years, that's how long you have to wait to buy your first beer, cigarrettes, porn and get into some clubs here in Sweden but more important, 18 years is the time you have to wait for the Norwegian cultband Mysticum to release their second fullength album. As we have witnessed before a longer abscence of a bands activity can really harm the music in chocking ways no one would ever imagined, so I have been both excited and worried about this release.

I have always considered In the Streams of the Inferno to be a one of a kind, setting the groundpillars for the industrial black metal and still manage to be true to it´s roots so now 18 years after I was really eager to get my hands on Planet Satan to see if it could live up to it´s predecessor. I was so eager that I even preordered the album almost a month before the releasedate and how much I tried, I couldn´t resist to listen to the track LSD over and over again when it got uploaded as a teaser on Youtube.

So how much of the Mysticum IBM-Formula have changed since 96? honestly? not much and that is not a bad thing in this case, Planet Satan extracts the best parts of In the Streams of the Inferno and refines the recipe with extra psychoactive chemicals and injects the listerners auditory canals with a higher dosage. The production this time is the main syringe that holds the 8 hallucigenic compositions in a sterile and sharp grip, everything on this album is crystalclear but still handled in a filthy manner.

It´s a great maddening trip back to 90s and back to the future again, the guitars and bass are almost  handled in the same chainsaw fashion as it was back then but now with a razorsharp sound that still takes you to the glory days before the scene went empty, overpopulated and plastic.

The programmed drums still has the same artificial, militaristic beats with pounding bassdrumbeats and I wouldn´t want to have it in any other way. But ofcourse this opioid concoct has two more important ingredients, the industrial, computerized and synthesized inputs that blends perfectly with everything else and sometimes adds a little extra.

Last but not least, the vocals, a versatile verbal attack of druginduced insanity, after a couple of listenings it seems like every track have a different vocal performance, the third song Far shows an obvious difference where the aggressive rasps and growls change towards a more desperate screeching, although the lyrics seems to be encrypted in something that looks like binary codes but I´m pretty sure that they are written in Norwegian, in the track Fist of Lucifer the vocals constists of angered, articulate shouts that almost put me off at first, but it got to me in the long run.

Planet Satan didn't really surprise me, it´s the pure molecule of Mysticum that just keeps getting better with years, the Black Magic Mushroom split with Audiopain 2003 more or less promised that big things where getting brewed in the industry and as it shows, it was well worth waiting for!

Put Planet Satan on repeat and let the music become a sedative stimuli for your body while the brain goes on an ecstatic cosmic journey. The only side effect with this album is that it can be addictive and I personally would prescribe it to anyone living, dead, physical or metaphysical.


Band members:
Dr. Best - Bass, Drum programming
Svartravn - Vocals, Guitars
Herr General Cerastes - Vocals, Guitars

Label: Peaceville Records
Country: Norway

Homepage: http://www.mysticum.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mysticums