Merry Little Christmas is a spanish shortfilm directed by Ignacio Martín Lerma and Manuel Marín. This isn't the ordinary kind of christmas-film we have here. This is one of the roughest short films ever made and shows us that Christmas isn't always an joyfull weekend for everyone out there. This can happen to your nearest neighbor when you least expect it, this can happen to your friends, this can happen even you. This is a terrifying Christmas Eve showing us what true horror really stands for.

"Cristina and her mother live in an inner world of fear and pain, unable to regain their lives after the scars left on them by the brutal beatings of their father and husband, Pedro. Miguel will unsuccessfully try to help the two women, victims of the need on inflicting to themselves the same violence to which they had been subjected"

The film is available to stream legally from their official website and their youtube-channel and although this doesn't count as a real Holyday film , it has become like an tradition for us to watch it at least once every December to remind ourselves that similar events actually occurs around every Christmas, worldwide.

Watch it here: