Artist: Anaal Nathrakh
Album: Desideratum

Year: 2014
Genrer: Black Metal, Grindcore, Industrial
Run time: 41 minutes
My rating: 3.5 out of 5

This English duo hardly need any introduction, almost every human being regardless of style or taste in music have heard the name Anaal Nathrakh being uttered at least once during the last couple of years. I still remember in the beginning when there was a whirlwind of exalts regarding their debutalbum The Codex Necro, and I admit that when I looked it up and listened to the song Pandemonic Hyperblast it felt like sitting in front of a jetmotor, jacked up on energydrinks and caffeine, sadly those days are long gone, dead and dried up.

After that Vanitas left a bittersweet taste in my mouth, now don't get me wrong I still love it with a couple of exceptions but the concept have changed a bit from being a soundtrack to the apocalypse, human hatred and violence that wasn't making sense to the ordinary human being to let´s party with mainstream metalheads, rockers and hipster and go full retard on alcohol while listening to Anaal Nathrakh, Satyricon and Lady Gaga (yes, I have been there all too many times).

With that in mind and the fact that Mick found a sanctimony in the sunny states of California playing with a couple of Metalcore bands my noncorforming, anti-themostthingsaccepted warhead started to flash the warninglights in an epileptic fashion when I heard that a new album was in progress. Oh how I tried to avoid this album and oh how miserably I failed, two weeks after the release I accidently had not only one, but two ex of Desideratum in my evergrowing record-collection.

It did however take a long time and I had to spin this album on repeat alot to make up a honest review of this release and first I had to put the judgemental mind to rest, which is not the easiest thing when it comes to my thick head.

The intro Acheronta Movebimus sets up an upbuilding that promise great destruction but moves into a different direction and I´m left confused with something more groovy and Djenty, after four times in a row that stale piece got swallowed and makes my neck move slowly in a lethargic hedbanging motion.

Then Unleash gets... well unleashed I suppose and there is the style that this band have become famous for the last couple of years, forwardly fast with melodic choruses and with Dave's panicing screams, aggressive frantic Tazmanian devil snarls and growls being combined with greatly executed clean vocals that almost could fit in a catchy power metal band.

So where my worries completely without cause? truthfully no but mostly yes, there are parts that sets of my allergy in music, the most notorious complaints from the rest of the scene being the techno parts, breakdowns and overuse of sugarcoated melodies. Now when it comes to the "techno" parts they have always been there in a minor industrial add that spiced up things a bit and sure Desideratum got a little more to share when it comes to the hardcore bassdrums but it fills out the music nicely in my opinion.

And yes some of the breakdowns does not go well with my liking: There are some parts except for the above mentioned that got my left eyebrow to twitch, like the beginning of the song A Firm foundation of  Unyielding Despair sounds like Marilyn Manson´s The Beautiful People but quickly get's blasted away into oblivion while Sub Specie Aeterni got a really thick crusty feeling to it, almost sounding like Anaal takes on Fukpig and that is not a bad thing!

One thing I almost missed is Niklas Kvarforths contribution to the track Rage and Red, it wasn´t until I heard someone cursing in Swedish far away in the background that it clicked and I had to look it up.

So all in all is Desideratum worth checking out? absolutely! it's not a musical instrument of destruction but it's still the band we have come to be attached to and they still have the adopted style since Hell is Empty with a whole bunch of small surprises, some that will work to it's favour and other that will create a void in the middle or beginning of songs.

I still like Anaal Nathrakh alot and this album didn't destroy the whole experience for me, but I`m still going to be cautious next time they announce that they have new material in progress.


Band members:
Irrumator - Bass, Guitars, Programming
V.I.T.R.I.O.L. - Vocals

Label: Metal Blade Records
Country: United Kingdom

Bandcamp: https://anaalnathrakh.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Anaalnathrakhofficial