Last Exit Entertainment have once again teamed up with Russian genre auteur Andrey Iskanov to present an Iskanov Production in the shape the director originally intended upon its initial production. Iskanov’s VISIONS OF SUFFERING, the second film of the HalluCiNoGeNnN trilogy, will be presented in an new final directors cut, restored and re-mastered from the original camera vault footage with completely new scenes replacing earlier ones not reaching the quality of the original vision.

Storylines and scenes that Iskanov was previously unsatisfied with have been removed and new, terrifying scenes have been created along with a total replacement of the lead heroine. VISIONS OF SUFFERING – FINAL DIRECTORS CUT will also feature a new soundtrack featuring artists Purple Eve, Zsolt Sores and an orchestrated score to replace the electronica score featured previously.

I was never really satisfied with the previous version of Visions of Suffering. The film always felt too long, I hated the CGI effects that I ended up using, and several plotlines never really lead to anything due to the tight deadline I was working under. So given this opportunity to go back and re-create the intended atmosphere of the originally envisioned nightmare was something I had to do! You will see several new scenes replacing ones I never liked, a new lead actress and a totally new harrowing finale. I personally feel that this re-imaging of Visions of Suffering, make it a scarier, darker, colder and above all, a much more disturbing film that it was previously!” - Andrey Iskanov

With the re-mastering and restoration, Visions of Suffering will also be presented in its correct widescreen ratio instead of the previous 4:3 ratio.

VISIONS OF SUFFERING – FINAL DIRECTORS CUT will be exclusive to LAST EXIT ENTERTAINMENT and not available through any other label! 

Special features and street date for VISIONS OF SUFFERING – FINAL DIRECTORS CUT are to be confirmed.

Last Exit Entertainment will also be the very first label who are going to release the last part of this HalluCiNoGeNnN-trilogy "Ingression". You can find more information about it at: