Steve Aquilina in Swedish newspaper
Well followers, it's not a new when I say that the german director Andreas Schnaas debutfilm are going to get an Italian re-make. Two weeks ago we at Goregasmic Cinema met the actor and producer Steve Aquilina (original actor and producer of VS-series and Zombie 90) from 8 Films-Production in person, and he gave us an sneak-preview on what is coming next year.

Steve & Greigh

The director Luigi Pastore who gave us the fabulous new wave of Giallo-film "Symphony in Blood Red" is together with Steve Aquilina at full speed in the completion of this mythical remake of Violent Shit which began filming in September month already. Its theatrical premiere are going to be early next year, and we are proud to say that the film will have an exclusive premiere in Sweden too - together with Luigi and Steve as guests during the day. The Opening Day is not exposed yet, but more information will come with time.

It has been more then 25 years ago since Andreas Schnaas gave us the violent character Karl Berger (or K. The Butcher Shitter). The first film is so bad performed but is based on an amazing scripts that deserves a refined remake, and we hope that this film retains many original concepts but in a much cooler way. This is a German and Italian co-production, it is written and directed by Luigi Pastore, co-written by Lucio Massa and Emanuele Barbera and produced by Steve Aquilina. The music-score is composed by Claudio Simonetti (Goblin, Daemonia)