On Sundays one are allowed to double post as long as you have the energy and desire to do so and we have this kind of energy right now, so why not turn to the dual news? On December 3th, the Swedish film distributors "Last Exit Entertainment", have a new release of the Brazilian zombie movie "A Capital dos Mortos" from 2008. It's an impressive debut film by director Tiago Belottis. This is self-financed indie horror filled with pitch-black humor, Brazilian death metal and the struggle for survival according to the rules. A Capital dos Mortos is one of Brazil's first zombie movies and additionally sanctioned by the late José Mojica Marins that make a classical Coffin Joe-cameo in the film.

"1883 Turin, Italy. The priest Dom Bosco suffer horrific visions that show Brasilia's rise and fall. During the visions, he learns that humanity must be considered the worst in three generations and finally be destroyed. Now, in today's modern Brasilia, a bunch of friends realize that they are on the Doomsday steep when the dead resurrected to complete the Dom Bosco's prophecy. The situation seems hopeless, but their passion for the horror genre, and especially zombie movies will finally put to use. With the knowledge they picked on from hours spent watching TV prepares themselves for humanity's last battle. A battle that will take place on the streets of the capital."

Tiago are going for a sequal to this one, so if you wanna see this before the next one will be released, you can pre-order it now, right here: http://www.discshop.se/filmer/dvd/a_capital_dos_mortos/P128650