The director of swedish trash-cinema with his debut-feature "The Werewolf Cult Chronicles: Vietnam 1969", Ola Paulakoski finally brings us another kind of swedish monster horror movie, and we think it's about time to release a good genrefilm in this country, because Norway has it, Finland has it and even Denmark has given us some kind of good stuff. Now Sweden finally have to do it and we hope we're about to see the results on its premier in 2015.

Hermit: Monster Killer is an adventurous horror comedy with practical effects in typical old school class. It's written by Fred Anderson (Camp Slaughter, Kraftverk 3714) and Ola Paulakoski, as well he also directed it. Hermit was funded, as many other project nowaday, through Kickstarter and IndieGoGo and raised it to the final post-production.

"Värmland, Sweden - where people are happy. Clean air, crystal clear waters, green forests. Far out in the wilderness a sullen recluse and his faithful dog are living. The only thing they need to worry about is kids who are stealing apples and the occasional lost tourist. It's a good life, maybe a little lonely, but far from the worst thing you can have.

The nearest small town is a small den with a sloppy pizza-shop and a single police officer who has hold of the law. It is also home to Palle, a lucky loser who thrive quite well as the local rugby team's mascot and constantly is deeply in love with his beautiful girlfriend. Sure, life is perfect anyway? Yes, in all cases, until the day that stuff happens. Yes, that. MONSTER.

Now it's up to the hermit, Palle and his rugby friends to stop, kill and exterminate the mysterious beast that threatens to tear apart and eat up every last man, woman, children and pets that come in its vicinity! Soon, the once beautiful countryside filled with fear beyond our heroes wildest fantasies! Only one man can stop the monster's rampage : the old hermit - and a loaded shotgun!"

Hermit: Monster Killer doesn't have any release-dates fixed yet, but you can follow the project through: