Next month it's christmas time and we at Goregasmic Cinema proudly presents the first press-release of this upcoming norwegian christmas horror-flick by directors Per-Ingvar Tomren and Magne Steinsvoll. Last year Christmas Cruelty had its theatrical-premier, but its official DVD release-date is on Dec. 4th, 2014.

"Christmas Cruelty!" tells the story about a group of misfit friends, Eline Aasheim ("Fangstfamilien på Svalbard"), Magne Steinsvoll ("Narkotikajakten") and Per-Ingvar Tomren ("Banzai Motherfucker!") that prepare for Christmas, blissfully unaware of having ended up on the list of a vicious serial killer, played by Tormod Lien ("Jakob - mannen som elsker Jack Nicholson"). As he plans his grotesque murders, he reveals a deranged mind while on the surface appearing to be a loving family father and a hard working government employee. Eline is the centre of the violent psychopath's perverse fantasies. This sick and twisted tale culminates when the killer crashes the unfortunate trio's Christmas party, the brutal showdown results in some of the most disturbing scenes ever filmed for a Norwegian horror movie.

Per-Ingvar Tomren's basic idea for "Christmas Cruelty!" was to illustrate some of the despair and pain he's been victim of encountering powerful government institutions, disguised as a simple genre movie.

Leading lady, Eline Aasheim, has been praised in several reviews for her daring and brave acting in this movie. "Christmas Cruelty!" is her first feature length movie, but already in her early teens she got known for a Norwegian audience through the TV-series, "Fangstfamilien på Svalbard". A mini series that followed Eline and her family, as they lived one year in a small cabin in the wilderness of Svalbard. This documentary featured exciting episodes with polar bears and other adventures the small family had to deal with, isolated in this cold and unforgiving landscape. When directors Per-Ingvar Tomren and Magne Steinsvoll first met Eline, there was absolutely no doubt that she was the perfect choice for the main character. Her natural talent and beauty far surpassed their hopes for this role.

Tormod Liens portrayal as vicious serial killer is a huge departure from the roles he usually plays. He is probably most famous for playing the character, Jakob Vassvik in "Jakob - mannen som elsker Jack Nicholson" (2007) and "Jakob og campinglivets farer" (2007). Jakob is a very loveable and sweet role from two very family friendly movies, so the contrast to the villain Tormod plays in "Christmas Cruelty!" is enormous. But Tormod Liens life have always been filled with large contrasts, he's gone from prison employee to prison inmate, from mental worker to mental patient and now from a servant of God in real life to a real devil in this movie.

Magne Steinsvoll isn't only an actor in "Christmas Cruelty!", he was also one of the writers, one of the directors, one of the producers, he made most of the music, worked on the sound and engineered most of the camera rigs used in the film. As if he didn't have enough jobs in filmmaking, he's also an electrician and musician.

Per-Ingvar Tomren is the other director, one of the screenwriters, an actor, made the special effects and worked as a stuntman in "Christmas Cruelty!". Per-Ingvar has Brittle Bone Disease, which probably isn't the smartest combination with stunt work. During the production of "Christmas Cruelty!" he fractured two ribs, a lot of fingers, toes, small bones, his jaw and sustained a skull fracture, which led to internal bleeding and a permanent brain damage.

"Christmas Cruelty!" is produced by Kim Haldorsen, who is a dedicated film geek. He's not afraid of thinking outside the box and taking chances on risky projects.

Raymond Volle is responsible for the beautiful camerawork in "Christmas Cruelty!", which was his first feature length film as a Director of Photography. He became director Per-Ingvar Tomren's closest collaborator, and they are currently working on several new projects together.

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