Cannibal Fog is another new Swedish production from the crowd of Swedish horrorfilms that have premiered this year. The director has fought as a true fighter over the years to circumvent a new project and while one has been discontinued, the second one has lacked economic proportions. But now the director Jonas Wolcher, finally arrived on his feet again since his copiously bad movie "Dragonetti: The Ruthless Contract Killer". Cannibal Fog might have an opportunity to make up with his one-time hit "Die Zombiejäger" ?

This taboo-enriched filmversion had its first premiere in its production city Gothenburg, and has subsequently been shown on DMB in Alingsås, Sweden, and Weekend of Horrors in Germany.This film is a light-hearted approach to taboo subjects such as sexual addiction, religion and morality, and the eroticism of food. And of course, cannibalism. Emphasis has also been put on humour, in fact so much that the film is less a horror film than a dark humored drama.

In Cannibal Fog we meet Michael, a troubled man with issues with religion, sexual addiction, and a wish to be someone he is not. We are introduced to Albin, precisely the type of man Michael wishes to be. Albin takes Michael under his wing and soon Michael’s world transforms under Albin’s guidance and he begin to understand the true meaning of the term “Cannibal Fog”.

Jonas Wolcher says: "- Cannibal Fog is a dark comedy filmed in the true spirit of an independent, includingreal special effects, real stunts, and no compromising of the filmmaker’s vision. Too many films today are turned into something that studio executives control based on the potential for profit. This often waters down the original vision the filmmakers had and gives the viewers a less satisfying experience. Our goal is to give you the best, uncompromized experience we can. To accomplish this, we will shoot without outside influence and without an eye on rating systems or censorship. What you will get is a fun, rich film experience with no BS."

Most of the actors are first-time actors besides the more known danish actor Kim Sønderholm (Dead City, Ingression, Sinister Visions) and the swedish actor and stunt coordinator Lars Lundgren (They Call Her One Eye, Total Recall, Sharky's Machine).

While a disc release is not planned yet, the film will come in two versions; one running for 117 minutes and an extended version clocking in at 127 minutes.

Kim Sønderholm,
Helen Larsson,
Malte Aronsson,
Caroline Stråle Svensson,
Marie Yeeni Abrahamsson,
Lars Lundgren.

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