Five years ago it was rumored about a Swedish upcoming zombie-shortfilm with a special unique specimen that has never before been displayed. It was released two teaser trailers, but shortly thereafter , there was a silence for several years and no film was found to be. The film became increasingly sought after and people began to wonder what had happened to this project. But in this year, we at Goregasmic Cinema finally can bring you the good news; the film is in working progress again and will get some kind of release pretty soon.

"Before the Cultural Capital Year 2014 in Umeå, Sweden started, the city was forced to live up to its reputation as "The City of Birch Trees". All reconstructions were razed many trees on the ground. Fast-growing birch was imported during covert forms, possibly from Chernobyl. And soon it's pollen season..."

Björkpollen (Birch Pollen) of the Dead is a celebration of amateur film - a zero budget horror movie with a twinkle in its ear. It's built together by a carpenter with borrowed equipment from schools and with the help of 70 Umeå-residents who donated time, love, music, and as thanks received their clothes ruined by syrup-stinking blood. Professionals and amateurs, young and old gathered for 5 days in the summer of 2009, and made a 22-minute shortfilm where it dies about 2½ person/zombies every single minutes. Our idea of the project was to just pep people to make movies, do something crazy that could trigger others to gather people together and make something amazing; Because if we can do it, anyone can. The reason about our absence is that we've been spent five years with crashed harddrives and paid jobs that had to be given priority... but now it's finally here and will have its premiere in Umeå European Film Festival (UEFF)! http://www.ueff.se/en/program/film/björkpollen-dead - /Director Janne Widmark

Director: Janne Widmark (Storyboard to, among others, Drowning Ghost & King Fury )
Screenwriter and physical effects: Pär Östman (Die Hardest, freelance graphic artist/designer)
Producer: Jonas Danielsson (Author of Horror Comfortable: The love of grotesque films: an ethnological study.)
Photo: Maja Dennhag (Also current on UEFF with "My Path" http://www.ueff.se/program/film/min-väg )
Music: Martin Runnzell ( Kardinal Synd http://www.kardinalsynd.se )

Stefan Wahllöf ( Karandash https://www.facebook.com/pages/Karandash/166296074260 )
Malin Sjödin ( Model http://www.Malinn.se )

Follow the project and get some more information at:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BjorkpollenoftheDEAD