Artist: Phidion
Album: Flesh of the Forsaken

Year: 2012
Genrer: Death Metal, Thrash Metal
Run time: 25 minutes
My rating: 2.5 out of 5

Sweden has started to tear up the old school of death metal and Phidion is one among the crowd who have done it pretty well. This is a band from Stockholm, Sweden and I had never heard of theme before the guitarist and frontman Christos Chatzikonstandinos contacted me and wanted to share a promo of their upcoming EP.

Phidion is a continuation of the previous band "Ruins of Time" and have presented themselves around us since 2003 - but it was not until 2007 (when they released their first demo "Is Paris Burning?") as they became sufficiently active again. After a few years of silence, they decided to record the demo "Alive at Brother Tuck" which was released just before this EP which I shall now give a review to.

To leave the band's history behind us, I guess we can proceed with the assessment we really are here for; "Flesh of the Forsaken". It don't bid on any brutal death metal, It sounds more in equality with bands like Dissolution, Abnegate and Krisiun to name a few from the crowd. It's rough, progressive and really speedy. It offers six songs that you can swing your hair to while the base almost drag on the ground and the drums are constantly changing in time.

The first song on the EP is "Warzone" and here the band goes straight to the point without any stupid and melodic intros. Here it's only about the electric guitar that reigns with some impulsive and aggressive riffs, and those who stands for the vowels is no less than Martin Missy and Fredrik Pihlström - one voice is darker than the other.

The whole EP is really in the same faithful spirit all the way, so it would only seem repetitive to provide an overview of each individual song - I have not much to compare the material with because I haven't heard their previous works, but I like the production and the mastering of the album; It's dirty like real Swedish death metal should be and the drums sounds pretty realistic to be programmed - so they must have worked diligently in an efficient way to succeed produce such a peculiar dynamics of the sound.

If you like heavy death metal with quiet undertones and reasonable thrash metal influences that get your head nodding in time to the music, then "Flesh of the Forsaken" is a recommended option. It's very easy to listen to and you will quickly find your favorite songs or your favorite excerpts from all the songs.

I want to give Christos Chatzikonstandinos a big thanks who sent me this material. I liked what I heard and I'm really looking forward it will reach more listeners and that he will continue with Phidion. Thank you very much!


Band members:
Christos Chatzikonstandinos - Guitars, Drum programming
Fredrik Pihlström - Bass, Vocals (backing), Drum programming
Martin Missy - Vocals, Lyrics

Label: Independent
Country: Sweden

Bandcamp: http://phidion.bandcamp.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Phidion/