Written by: Tomas Larsson.

If you like the Violent Shit series by the legendary Andreas Schnaas you'll definitely enjoy this director as well. This is same shit but with a different director named Maik Ude, but they have nothing in common in terms of story, it have this particular charm that only Germans can create. This is German ultra low-budget indie splatter and is in all terms very unique in all aspects and worth checking out if you enjoy movies with micro budget will say.

Let us start out with the first one from 1996. It begins with a few guys sitting on a bench in the park, their taking a smoke and talking shit in german language, and ofcourse there's no subtitles so I don't understand a damn thing what they are talking about. Anyway, a guy gets killed in a cellar and in the next scene we see how The Butcher rises up from his grave. Then he goes around killing every living thing that's in sight. And yes, that's the whole plot.

It's nice to see that Ude let The Butcher use different tools for his macabre instinct to kill. He make use of a hedge clipper, driller machine and a machete and I really estimate this variation. One of the intended victims manages to kill The Butcher, but he comes alive once again a year later and continues his path of slaughter. Now in the second part of this frenzy killing, we see a poor guy bound to a wheelchair gets a piece of it pushed through his head.

Thumbs up for Ude who dare to challange viewers with killing of a defenseless man in a wheelchair. A bit on the edge of what might be ok, but we all know that Germans like to provoke and try to stretch a bit on the limits of what might be forbidden.

The actors are young so we understand that it's a very young Ude as well, who have created this first flick in the trilogy. It's a bunch of happy little guys who tries to make it like Schnaas once did. They do well, but not quite the same potential as Schnaas but there is a good start to something for the future.

By judging its quality of the image we understand that it's a transfer from VHS to DVD. All honour to Ude for releasing it on DVD so more fans have the oppornutiy to see this lowbudget splatter.

So, here's The Butcher 2 - a sequal from 2001. It all begins in 1794 and some satanic priests hold a ritual and cutting out the heart of a man. We jump to the present day and follow a guy who goes into a store and buy a satanic book (probably the one used in 1794) and a knife belongs to the book. The guy seems to be well knowledgeable about what the book will be used for. He heads out into the woods with a pickaxe where The Butcher has been buried once. He digs up the remains of The Butcher and performs a ritual with his own blood and wake him up. The Butcher ought to be greatful, but no he isn't. He grabs the pickaxe and strike the nice guy with a well-aimed blow and stomping his head to goulash. The Butcher is brought back and is angrier than ever, and wanders off to find more innocent people to kill.

We get to known campers, drug dealers, gansters, racists, etc. who become victims of The Butchers machete, chainsaw or whatever he has available. What perhaps make the movie a bit fun are some incredible sequences. A whore or whatever, picking up a guy in her caravan and will be fucked but the guy is a little brutal. She tears herself away and leans out of the caravan window just when The Butcher is in the neighborhood. Instead of helping the woman who screams for help he cut her throat. A bit ingloriusly for her, ha ha. Another sequence I smiled a bit over was when The Butcher found a chainsaw in the woods. Who the hell leaves a chainsaw alone in the woods? For us lovers of chainsaw butchery it's a sacred tool so it fits excellent that someone has left a chainsaw, because we have a bunch of campers to cut up *giggling*

Absolutely the best in the movie comes at the end when a survivor who manages to kill The Butcher gets teleported to an other location. The places is very evocative with the visual effects of a dilapidated house in the woods and the dark music that enhances the feeling of this creepy place. The Butcher is now a ghost that scares the shit out of the poor devil who survived.

The one is not much longer than an hour but is clearly better than the first one. It's close to be a real movie, so the third part will be exciting to watch. It's less gory effects this time but the ones who are presented are a bit better made. Maike Ude and his pals is older now and that's also better, because this time it's no kids running around, instead it's teenagers. The picture is better but it's still a VHS copy transferred into DVD, I think, because of the flickering or statics (not sure what word to use in English) in the pictures that shows up sometimes.

And finally we have the third and last one of this trilogy, The Butcher III - Zombies im Blutrausch from 2004. It all starts out with a woman which being chased at night by a man who soon catches her. When he starts to abuse and violate her the shape of The Butcher turns up right behind them. The Butcher is just as grumpy and angry as usual and doesn't leave any alive who passes his way. I have some difficult to understandning what's happening because of the language. In this one Ude tries to get more dialogue an a story which I unfortunately don't understand.

The movie moves one with a brawl between some drug addicts or drug dealers. After that some guys have a party with alcohol and cocaine meanwhile some others travel out to the abandoned building from the ending in The Butcher 2. After a while the party dudes heading out to the sane desolated place. Because of the language I don't understands why they turns out to this place, but it seems to have a connection to a person fron The Butcher 2. Meanwhile, The Butcher brings up an army of zombies and a battle for survival begins.