Artist: Mephorash
Album: Chalice of Thagirion

Year: 2012
Genrer: Black Metal
Run time: 56 minutes
My rating: 3 out of 5

Three years ago Swedish Black Metal band Mephorash released their debut album Death Awakens through the label Grom Records. The Swedish people chose to boycott and harass this group, and maybe it was because they wanted to emulate groups like Watain, Behexen, Marduk and Armagedda? Well, the question remains and will still spinning in my head because I don't find any problems with Mephorash at all, either as a band or the album in its entirety.

I discussed with the guitarist Erik Andersson a while ago and he wasn't really satisfied with the result of Death Awakens and he also hesitated the end result of Chalice of Thagirion which now is Mephorash second album.

Chalice of Thagirion carries a huge development in comparison to its predecessor and its influences come clearly from Nightbringer, but also from Bestia Arcana and Acherontas if you ask me. The musicians have not only evolved as cast members and musicians, they have also developed the quality of the production. The music is dirty, but feels simultaneously clean unlike previous offspring.

The album may seem elusive, but you have to give it more space and wear it in batches to really get hooked on it. The songs are growing in connection with time and with songs like "Corpus Christi" and "Membrorum Defecerit" it sounds very clean and upscale. If "Death Awakens" was an unfortunate roller coaster for the band, I promise you that Chalice of Thagirion has taken the band to a newer level that will attract many new listeners both nationally and internationally.

Black Metal is a very broad subgenre in Sweden and it's hard to compete with all the big bands. What's really difficult is to find their own sound, so it's basically a requirement for beginners to find inspiration from the legends of the past that helped our country to build up the musical genre. Mephorash is perhaps (as many other bands) a rip-off band, but if you give them a little more time and allows them to explore their position, Mephorash maybe will reaches the point of becoming the biggest black metal musicians in Sweden.

I would like to thank Grom Records who gave me a copy of this disc. I liked the result of Chalice of Thagirion and it's not the last time it spins in my record-player. If you like bands such as Tzaraath, Ikkadian or Sinistrary, then you will definitely enjoy this album.


Band members:
Lethargus - Guitars (lead), Bass, Vocals (backing)
Siatris - Guitars (rhythm), Bass
Ors - Vocals

Label: Grom Records
Country: Sweden

Bandcamp: https://mephorash.bandcamp.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mephorash